Inaugural online book | Application Concepting Series No. 1

100 Ideas for Envisioning Powerful, Engaging, and Productive User Experiences in Knowledge Work

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About the Author

Jacob Burghardt is the founder of FLASHBULB INTERACTION, Inc. He is a research, strategy, and design consultant who specializes in helping product teams to envision powerful, engaging, and productive interactive applications for knowledge work.

Jacob was drawn to a specialty in knowledge work products after seeing how innovative tools in this space can make meaningful differences in the experiences of people practicing their chosen vocations. He views these meaningful differences through the lens of pioneering visions in interactive computing, which optimistically outlined the potential for technologies to augment our cognitive and collaborative abilities as we solve important problems.

In his nine years of experience focused on computing tools for knowledge work, Jacob has worked for industry leading clients on diverse application types, including aviation navigation, scientific instrumentation and analysis, product lifecycle management, specialized financial trading and back office, creative asset workflow, supply chain management, and online media.

In his consulting efforts, Jacob seeks to reframe status quo conversations in the development of specialized technologies for knowledge workers. He works with clients to advance their dialog toward a better understanding of design strategy, while emphasizing underlying principles and possibilities in computer mediated work practice.

Jacob challenges clients with new goals and processes, supporting product teams as they envision diverse offerings and sketch elaborative concepts. To inform strategic ideation and ensure real world relevance, he facilitates purposeful, direct, and collaborative conversations between his clients and current or potential end users of their interactive products.

Jacob has lectured and published on topics in user experience. He holds a B.S. in Psychology and a B.S. in Technical Communication from the University of Washington. “Working through Screens” is his first book length publication.

If the contents of this book have struck a chord in the context of your own product definition and design challenges, please consider contacting FLASHBULB INTERACTION to discuss how we could help your team better envision a new or iteratively improved knowledge work application.


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